Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and we lead the field in research and development of eco-friendly random filter media. We're investing considerably in R&D and have research partnerships with two of the UK's leading academic centres of excellence, Cranfield Water Sciences Institute (CWSI) and Warwick University, working collaboratively to create the next generation of wastewater treatment solutions.

Cranfield Water Sciences Institute (CWSI) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in wastewater treatment technologies for research, education, training and consultancy.  Our programme is focusing on research and development of biofilm processes to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability process units such as submerged aerated filters (SAFs),  moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) and trickling filters.  It also includes an investigation of the impact of the different media on the process start-up, performance, effluent quality and specific microbial communities' development in the pilot-plant using real municipal wastewater.


A three-year project between Cranfield University's Water Sciences Institute and Warden Biomedia to find more effective wastewater treatment methods has found that mixed media improves the overall performance and increase effluent quality of moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) systems.

Our product development work with Warwick University is with the 'Warwick Manufacturing Group', an academic department of the university, with seven dedicated research and education centres advocating manufacturing, innovation and technology. It is one of the world’s leading research and education groups, designing solutions and overcoming challenges through collaborative R&D and world class education.

Our commitment to research and development is helping us build a formidable reputation in the sector.  Our on-going innovation will maintain our positon as market leaders in helping the European waste water industry reduce its energy consumption to meet environmental targets and reduce costs.

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